Diversity Training….uh…Straining….


No…. not THAT kind of diversity training…

This is another post about the lack of falling into a photographic niche.


And, after 10 days on the road, I’m kinda glad for the diversity.
Those 10 days involved 3 different locations…Memphis, TN… Charlotte, NC… and Phoenix, AZ.

I suppose, in the terminology of the film industry, this is a ‘trailer’…a teaser….
I will expound upon each in later posts, so this is a sample… a tasting…


I have heard it said that, “…if you want to make more interesting photos, get in front of more interesting subjects…”


I found all three of these opportunities interesting.   (And it certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings to be ‘forced’ to stay in a place like the Arizona Biltmore for 5 nights….!!!)


Paul Rodgers 1


~ by rkpowers on November 21, 2013.

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