Taking Care of Business….

MedallionMusician’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and concert-01/28/14

As the show was opening, I crept near the foot of the stage for a better vantage point to grab a few quick shots.  There was a large leather ‘settee’ for various dignitaries and presenters that stretched across the front of the stage.  As I was shooting, I tapped a gentleman on the shoulder to assure him that I was not a ‘threat’ and said, “Don’t mind me.  I’m just shooting over your shoulder.”  Neil Young turned to me and gave one of those little head nods to indicate, “Cool, Gotcha!”

I couldn’t help but be reminded of the hilarious Chris Farley interview with Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live.  I’m including a link to that, in case you’ve never seen it or have forgotten.


I could imagine myself saying, “Man…do you remember when you played in that band with Crosby, Stills, and Nash?”….or, “Do you remember when you played at Woodstock and it was like your second show together?…  That was awesome!”  But, I didn’t go there.

It would be impossible to list all of the hit records that were represented on that stage.  It would take days to compile and days to read!


Will Lee, who most people will recognize after thirty years on Late Night with David Letterman, has a discography of artists that he has performed with that covers every letter of the alphabet and just about every possible musical genre.  Here he and Billy Gibbons play  “I Thank You”.


Chris Isaak sang Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman” accompanied by Wayne Moss who played on the original recording.  Fred Foster tells a story about the composing of the song which is contradictory to other accounts, but one certain fact is that the song was written on a Friday, recorded the next Friday, and released to the public on the NEXT Friday!


Wayne Moss is one of those ‘pickers’ that I could sit and listen to for many hours.  It’s fun to watch guys who jump around the stage and really express their emotions physically, but I also enjoy watching players like Moss and Billy Gibbons who are so effortless in their playing that they and their instruments become one entity.


Kenny Wayne Shepherd took the role of Stevie Ray Vaughn with the rest of the Double Trouble band.  Since Vaughn is no longer with us, Kenny did a great job of stepping in and has obviously studied Stevie Ray extensively.  It was exciting yet at the same time a little heartbreaking when Reese Wynans cranked into that B3 organ lick for “Crossfire”.


There were so many great guitarists on that stage, many of whom are not household names but have been heard by all who have listened to country or popular music in the last 50 years. Jimmy Capps, Corki Casey O’Dell,  Velma Smith and Duane Eddy are known to us all, by sound if not by name.  O’Dell and Smith were the pioneers in breaking through the male dominance in studio musicians back in the ’50s


And it just kept going…Randy Bachman may best be remembered by some for “Taking Care of Business” or “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” (BTO), but the songs he wrote when he was with The Guess Who, are the ones that I favor.

And then, there was Peter Frampton.  He performed “Do You Feel Like We Do” from Frampton Comes Alive.  He’s still ‘got it!’



This is Billy Cox…(Jimi Hendrix Experience….Band of Gypsys…)  Before the ceremony, Billy was seated next to Wayne Moss.  I smiled at them and said, “Whoa!…this looks like the start of a pretty good band!”  They looked at each other, laughed and together said, “You never know!”

(…all we need is a drummer….)

The following picture is absolutely NOT the type of photography that I prefer…grip-and-grin…flash on camera…pose for the camera…. BUT…when Neil Young and Randy Bachman turn to you and smile and then beckon Buffy St. Marie to join them for a photo…hey…what’re ya gonna do, right?  Well, here’s what I did!

DSC_8941-EditNeil Young did not perform but was on hand to posthumously induct Ben Keith, the steel guitarist on Young’s  “Harvest” album…amongst others.  Ben’s first job was on Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces”.  Not a bad start!  In a taped interview with Keith, he told of how he was late for the “Harvest” sessions and when he arrived they were already recording. He set up his equipment and jumped right in and they finished recording 5 songs before they took a break and he was introduced to everyone else.

The finale…Randy Bachman, Peter Frampton, Will Lee, Billy Gibbons and Kenny Wayne Shepherd perform ZZTop’s “LaGrange”


Kenny Wayne telling Frampton what the chords are…


Musicians HOF 1

“…and, in the end…”


Backdop at the entrance to the Museum.



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4 Responses to “Taking Care of Business….”

  1. As they say in Texas – man you wuz in tall cotton. What an impressive array of musicians. Good job. Pap


  2. Great blog. I was green with envy!


  3. Now we’ve Both experienced a one-on-one silent interaction with Neil Young at close range.


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