Don’t Shoot the Messenger…or the Tailor!


This is NOT a photography post…!

Vicki and I are just coming off of a 30 day ‘De-Tox’ diet, courtesy of the Dr. Oz Show…you know… “as seen on TV”…

The thrust of this particular diet is not so much weight loss as it is about ridding your body of all the ‘good’ things that you put in it…Chocolate cake…cheese…bread…ice cream…steak…chocolate cake…cheese…bread…oh…sorry…I was hallucinating there for a minute.

The diet made sense to me.  It wasn’t one of those “…eat a can of tuna and 4 beets for every meal.” diets.  It came with decent recipes and ideas, some of which we will continue with.  And I don’t mind having a shake, or smoothie, every morning for breakfast.

Bottom line is, it did make me feel better.  My energy level is up, my sinuses work more efficiently, though some of the ‘ingredients’ were definitely more expensive than a Happy Meal or a frozen pot pie….No, residents of Colorado…not THAT pot pie….!

I think I can reach a happy medium from here out…maybe…

Chocolate cake…cheese…bread………………

About 3 weeks in, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to get on the scale here at home.  I was absolutely amazed.  In 3 weeks I had lost nearly 20 pounds.  I couldn’t tell where, but I will take it!  Hopped in the shower, ready to face the day and the world!  After toweling off, I just had to see it again.  Uh oh….I had gained 13 pounds while in the shower!


No more showers for me!!!!

In about the middle of the diet, I had purchased a new suit.  After finding the proper jacket size for my shoulders and arms, the pants were going to need alteration…about 5 inches in length (I’m not very tall for my height!…No, that’s not a typo… ) 🙂 And the pants needed to ‘come in’ a couple of inches at the waist.

The alterations weren’t finished until the middle of the 4th week on the diet and when I went to try on the suit, lo and behold, again I was astonished!  I had dropped about 4 inches off my waist!
I apologized to the tailor and explained how I had been on a diet and the pants would need to be taken up again as I was obviously ‘wasting away’.

“Taken up…again?”, she asked.  “Ohhhh…I was told to let them out!”

Anyway….I do FEEL better!

~ by rkpowers on February 8, 2014.

2 Responses to “Don’t Shoot the Messenger…or the Tailor!”

  1. so i am confused. did you lose weight or not????


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