…The Root of the Matter

Or…Meet the Beets…

Beets 4

We just returned from Hollywood where my daughter (more here) graduated from her two year dance conservatory program at AMDA.  The senior show was excellent!  The commencement ceremony was an inspiration provided in a speech by Jason Alexander  (George Costanza on Seinfeld…amongst many other roles) . More on that, later.  Funny, entertaining, enlightening and encouraging…

When in Hollywood, I always try to make my Sunday morning rounds of the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.  I know where I would be every Sunday if this is where I lived.  Wonderful produce and good ‘eats’. (Particularly the Corn Maiden tamales…my fave…BBQ chicken, red onion, cilantro, and smoked gouda cheese…!!!)

People producing things and trading the fruits of their labors for the fruits of someone else’s labor…  Funny how that works!

Being particularly fond of beets and other root vegetables and also the many varieties of mushrooms that I somehow don’t see at my neighborhood Kroger, I can find every staple that I need at these stands. (I don’t mean to disparage greens by leaving them out, ‘coz you know…“It’s Not Easy Being Green”

And there are plenty of varieties of greens there.

These are ‘Candy-stripe’ and ‘Golden’ beets and purple carrots.  I should have photographed the Forest Nameko and Chanterelle mushrooms, but…uh….well…they were sauteed and eaten fairly quickly…!

Roots 1

I just found out that up until the 17th century, almost all carrots were of the purple variety.  The orange carrot was a Dutch innovation.

Carrots 4For some reason, that last statement reminded me of the  Amboy Dukes song “Why Is a Carrot More Orange Than an Orange?” from their 1968 album “Journey To The Center of the Mind”….Hey…I can’t help it…there’s a lot of trivial stuff in here…For those of you who missed the ’60s, that is a fairly typical question for that ‘mind-expanding’ era…as opposed to now when the pertinent (?)…  maybe I should say ‘pervasive’…. question is something like,

“Will Justin Bieber ever be a bad enough boy to attract one of the Kardashian girls?”  Oh well…times change….oh, there’s another song

So, here is the ‘photographically’ raw produce.  I  wanted to experiment with color before I added these colors to a salad….


I’ll have to say that these purple carrots certainly appeal to my photographic ‘dark side’.

Carrots 3

The candy stripe, or Chioggia beet is actually even ‘earthier’, yet sweeter, than the common red beet, as is the golden beet.  2/3 of the beets that are consumed come in a can, so many people have …uh…less than stellar experiences with beets, and rightfully so. I think most people remember them as the red thing on your school lunchroom plate that you didn’t eat and tried your best not to drop on your clothes…unless you wanted to get out of class by claiming some sort of injury….hey…I’m not condoning that or suggesting that it ever happened…!

Beets 1

Fresh? They are unique, to say the least.  Roasting brings out the flavor and sweetness, but sliced raw with a squirt of lemon juice or an aged balsamic vinegar and some ground pepper…? Yeah

Beets 3

Next time I’m in Hollywood on a Sunday I am going to get as many varieties of mushrooms as I can carry back in my suitcase….and that I can afford!  They tried to sell me some truffles, which I would have gladly taken, but those things are so expensive, I was afraid I might get mugged on my way back to the hotel!

Carrots 5

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