“Going My Way”

DSC_4782-bwEvery once in a while I get a call from an art director who has seen some of my work and would like for me to adapt the same sort of ‘feel’ of a photograph to their client’s needs.  It is especially gratifying when the feel is from an image or group of images that I have done for myself, outside of someone else’s direction.  That happened with this series.


Based on the portraiture I did of Daniel Collins, I was asked to somewhat replicate the dramatic lighting used on his pictures for a recruitment campaign for St Matthew’s School.  They had interviewed the students, faculty, alumni, etc., and would pair the pictures with the relevant quotes.


I converted my versions to black and white, because…well…because I wanted to…


This is one of my favorites.  I kept expecting Bing Crosby or Spencer Tracy to stroll into the room….


(BTW… “Going My Way” the title of this post, was one of  Bing Crosby’s ‘Priest’  movies…  8 Academy Awards  in 1944…)

Seemed like a fitting title, no?

~ by rkpowers on February 25, 2014.

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