Petey Blues


This week an old friend released his latest musical compositions/performances on itunes.  I urge you to go there and look up Pete Cummings and download ‘Petey Blues’.  I have been listening to Pete for many years and as I used to say when fame had not yet reached its fickle hand in Pete’s direction,
“The thing about being a musician is that time only helps to hone the craft and adds the experiences that create the art.  It’s not like an athlete whose physical prowess wanes. The true artist adds each life lesson to the repertoire of his soul!”

Pete is a true artist!

I have never endorsed or tried to sell something on this blog…until now!

Download this work so that maybe it will lead to the possibility of more of Pete’s music being shared with the world!!!!

…But first and foremost,  so that you may enjoy the artistry of Peter T Cummings…

Petey Blues©PeterTCummings



Here’s a little history…

In 1966, I was a young, studious, Brylcreem-ed member of Mrs. Crowder’s 5th grade class.  Funny how you look back and THEN realize what a great time it was.  The Beatles had come to America and the world was changing.  We hadn’t yet envisioned Woodstock, Viet-Nam, The Summer of Love,  Apollo moon landings, computers or cell phones, but something was definitely in the air!
One day Mrs. Crowder introduced a ‘new’ kid.  He had lived in Hendersonville before moving with his family to Miami for a few years, but he was new to me.  As it happened, she placed him in the desk right in front of mine and from that point, further unforeseen world changes started on their swerving, accelerating roll to the future.
That new student was Peter T. Cummings.

Pete and I became friends.
We have sustained that friendship through these years.


While in high school, I spent most afternoons with Pete, Skip Mitchell, Abram Richman and a cast of various other ‘characters’ who were creating music….Great music…original music.
Real music  created because they couldn’t help but create it!

When Pete decided he wanted to try his hand at ‘lead’ guitar, he started teaching me the rhythm guitar parts of his songs.  The first song I ever learned to play on the guitar was a Cummings/Richman song.  I still have that hand-written chart.


When I was 20 years old, I was in L.A., for some un-remembered reason, when I got a call from Pete.   At the time, Pete was playing in one of the ‘front’ bands for Elvis Presley.  Pete said, “Hey. We’re going to Vegas for 10 days with Elvis. You wanna go?” As I mentioned, I was 20, and in L.A., and I heard those magic words, “You wanna go?”….. AND, I was 20… so what could I say….?
I won’t go into the stories from the 9 days I spent there,  (or Pete’s tour of Japan with Tanya Tucker or his years with The Oak Ridge Boys)  but Pete and I also, at the time, played in an eclectic, somewhat electric, original, Rock-and-Roll ‘garage’ band. We all (the band, The Zipcats) lived together in a turn-of-the-century farm house in Adolphus, KY. Many was the time that Pete would get a call summoning him to Los Angeles, or Memphis, because Elvis wanted everybody to take karate lessons, or just hang out.
The Zipcats would have to wait…the King was calling.!

Pete has some great stories about his days with Elvis…things that no one else has told, or experienced.  A few of his recollections are on YouTube in a series called
“Uncle Pete”
(filmed by Pete’s nephew, Zack Wilson)

If some of us ‘prod’ strongly enough, Pete and Zack will produce a few more of these…hint, hint…
I hope so, because these are inside stories of a piece of Americana.
Who else in the world… in history… had an Elvis?
And how many of us actually got to know him?

Pete, for one!

itunes store
Pete Cummings
Petey Blues


Petey Blues 2©PeterTCummings

Buy it!… enjoy it!…and come back for more!

DSC_9540-Edit lo


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3 Responses to “Petey Blues”

  1. Wow your photos are really great! I wanted to comment on the one you submitted to Monochrome Madness but I couldn’t figure out where to click so I could comment on it. lol Please accept this comment as a huge WOW and thank you for the contribution. I’m a musician myself so I always appreciate photos of violinists! And guitarists in this case lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much, Laura. A positive comment from someone whose work I also admire means a lot…a whole lot. I don’t know how much exposure you get to American music, but you might also enjoy the posts “Take Me to the River” (November 2013) and also “Taking Care of Business” (February 2014) Thanks again for visiting and making my day! 🙂


    • Oops! I just went to look at your lion picture and saw that it was from the SF Zoo. For some reason I had assumed that you were in Australia along with Leanne. So…I guess you are VERY familiar with American music. My bad….!!


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