Wright On!


Biltmore Sprite designed by Frank Lloyd Wright


At the Arizona Biltmore.  I had the pleasure of visiting for a week while working on a ‘coffee-table’ book for GrandinHood Publishing.  As I mentioned in a previous post,   though Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence is obvious, there is still controversy over his actual involvement and the credit that he gave himself over the architect of record, Albert Chase McArthur.  I was not shooting for this assignment but was able to play around a bit with the camera, and was concentrating on  ‘color’ and graphic elements in photographing AND  processing.


Biltmore Block





Landscape maintenance is a constant project here, from flower beds to fruit trees.



…and the jacaranda



The Aztec Room, a banquet hall which I absolutely love.


The Aztec Room has a gilded ceiling, and when I was there in November the room was always set up with tables and chairs for receptions, etc. When I saw that it was empty, I had to jump in!  Rather than post all of my variations, if you are interested, some more are on the rkpowersphoto page of Facebook.






Food shots were taken on the ‘line’ at Frank and Albert’s, one of the in-house restaurants.

I limited my food photos to a 50mm /f1.8 lens so that I had to move myself for a shot rather than zoom the lens. Plus, I love the short depth of field.



This was also an experiment in mixed lighting.  The warming shelf has heat lamps that are closer to tungsten color temperatures while, as you can tell from the blue cast on the bowls and chrome, there were large windows to add daylight.


There was no stylist or for that matter, time to really ‘work’ the shots. (Until post…)  Often a plate was placed and then snatched up by a waiter before I even had a chance to notice it was there.




And then…a couple of bar shots…not to be confused with “shots AT the bar!”










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