Musical History Tour

Roseanne Cash 2

Memphis, TN

I was in Memphis last November for the Rock and Soul, Memphis Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony and wrote about it here.

This time the morning started in a studio control room with Mike Curb, Al Bell, Jim Ed Norman and David Porter.  There is no way I can list the thousands of ‘records’ that these guys played a part in.  Look ‘em up!…quite an exciting group to be around…particularly for someone whose early life was strongly influenced by their works.


After that meeting we went to an old church where Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two  rehearsed in the basement and had their first live performance in the sanctuary.  Johnny’s oldest daughter, Rosanne, was doing a guest lecture session and ‘Q&A’ for the Rhodes College Mike Curb School of Music.


A little break then found me at Leonard’s BBQ, one of the older Memphis BBQ establishments established in 1922.  Wouldn’t you know it…?  I got there just as they were laying out the all-you-can-eat buffet….

Then… Rosanne continued the ‘interview’ (This was all produced by the Rhodes students) and performed in the house that Elvis bought for his mom with the earnings from ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.  The Curb foundation bought the house a few years ago to keep the history alive and refurbished it, even to the point of reclaiming some of the original wallpaper.


So, from Stax to Cash to Elvis, it was a wonderfully educational trip through the Memphis music history…with a few ribs on the side!


Roseanne Cash 1



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