To Bargain With The Wind


To try to change the past or predict the future is much like trying to bargain with the wind.  You may turn up your collar against the past or button your coat in anticipation of the future, but neither can be effectively contained or diminished…
And as soon as you feel that you are adequately protected you turn a corner and an icy blast from the Abominable Snowman will warrant a hasty retreat or perhaps the dragon’s breath of the Past will pummel you from behind.
The future is an illusion, a myth, an Abominable Snowman or a Dragon, created by our free will, but our free will only exists in the fleeting moments of NOW,
soon to be the past…
but shaping us now for what is to come…


I am intrigued by the misguided concept of living through the effects of,  and spending a great amount of time and energy reacting to,  the Past.
And/or we act as if every move we make is inspired for, or is essential to indelibly mark and shape,  the Future.  Don’t get me wrong, we indeed should learn from past experiences…but though the lesson is Now, the Past has passed…forever.
We are often so keyed into these absolutely non-existent moments, the Past and the Future,  that we totally override and neglect the NOW.
And the NOW is truly all that exists.

Through photography one exercises a craft that  is hopefully almost entirely taken up by the NOW…
(although by the time anyone, or even myself, sees my recordings/reporting, it is from the Past…right?)
That NOW moment is what photographers attempt to capture…and then it’s gone… leaving us with only an image representing one fleeting portion of a tick of the clock.
Why are we, most of the time, afraid of or at least not in tune with
the NOW?

We tend to struggle and search for the ‘extraordinary moments’ while the most, the ONLY, extraordinary moment is passing us by as we presage the future or ruminate on the past.

In our daily lives, we miss the NOW more than we grasp it.
We carry hurts from the past, (many self-inflicted, though we find it easier to cast the blame elsewhere),
and we fret over possible future annoyances that exist only in our minds.

There is no future other than the illusion that we conjure…that we

There is no past other than the memories that our mind chooses to recall and their meaning is only relevant to our own  interpretations.
(Blind men feeling an elephant)
The future does not exist.
The past may be said to have existed… but is gone.

It simply is not there!
If we react to the past we are tilting at windmills.
If we are anxious about the future, we are wasting our time and our mind…tilting at windmills again!
It does not exist…!!

(BTW…I will be using a new text-speak abbreviation from now on…
T@W….tilting at windmills…)

We think of what could have been and what might, or ought to be… what others should be doing or thinking… and we allow those thoughts to crowd and cloud the view of the very moment in which we find ourselves….
How often have I missed the importance of the moment because I was comparing it to an experience that I’ve talked myself into thinking was more important…or more immediate than NOW?

I go for a walk every morning with my dog.  Many times I become aware that we are halfway done and I have missed the sunshine, the rain, the fog, the breaths, the blue sky, the grey sky… the feeling of movement… because my mind is elsewhere…out of the NOW.  What a waste!  I am becoming better at then stopping and admiring an insect going about its work, or the song of a bird, or the ‘busy-ness’ of my pup as she sniffs out what has transpired in the neighborhood overnight…the things that are true, immediate, and form the NOW.

How often have I allowed some thing or  someone to  assume the role of  the lead character in my own play?…to change the theme and to direct the  flow of my ‘being’,  not unlike a fallen tree may dam and  obstruct the pure flow of a mountain stream?

My goal is to be the stream…to continue to flow around, over, or through the dam.  The fallen tree does not change the nature of the stream…it merely diverts.

“What is in the way, IS the way!”  Lao Tze


Clock 2 lo res

I am of the opinion that the clock and calendar (and possibly mirrors to a certain extent…) are what expedite our growing old.  I, and I’m sure you also, (unless you are seventeen), feel exactly as we did, inside,  when we were eighteen…

not quite as spry…and hopefully wiser…but basically the same.


Without clocks we might grasp the concept that our lives are really only one day…the sun comes up and goes down but that is merely a measure of  Earthly revolutions…we still are the same.
If we didn’t require sleep occasionally, we could see the flow of ‘time’ for what it is….NOTHING
It would all be NOW.
Ask a tree  what it did yesterday…what are its plans for tomorrow?  If it could talk it would probably say, “Oh, I think I’ll just grow…unless of course I don’t”

NOW is all we have,
all we ever have had
and all we ever will have.
And we don’t really HAVE that…
We only experience it…
if we allow!

The key is not in the “I Will…”, “I Should…”, or the “I Was…”.

It is the  “I AM“!


~ by rkpowers on June 19, 2014.

2 Responses to “To Bargain With The Wind”

  1. I loved reading your thoughts on the quote “what’s in the way, IS the way”. I have been considering what it means for some time. What u wrote really offered new ideas. I also loved reading about your photography journey and viewing your photographic art!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Karen. Not only for reading, but also…especially…for commenting. I am attempting to make my journey a continuous flow from Now to Now. Am I always successful? Not hardly, yet I am improving. I find myself more capable of smiling at and disregarding my ego’s reactions to things rather than becoming ensnared in those reactions.
      I feel a need to re-write Descartes’ phrase, “I think, therefore I am.” into “I think, therefore I am what I think”, and thinking is not Being, it is only categorizing and ‘justifying’…and oh so easy to get caught up in…

      Again, Thanks!


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