Little ‘Dust-Up’ on the Racetrack

Dust up 1

This is short,  just to warm the blog up…

I was in Indianapolis again last weekend for a race or two…or four.

First night was the Silver Crown race at the Lucas Oil Raceway.

This series unfolded….
(unfolded?…More like crumpled….)
Right in front of me…
To the point that I had to lower the camera to be certain that I had removed myself from the path of a couple of bouncing tires.

Dust up 2

Dust up 3

Dust up 4

Dust up 5

Later in the weekend I did some ‘experimental’ photography which I am currently editing and will post within the next couple of days.

In keeping with my policy of not showing ‘injury’ , no drivers…or photographers, for that matter… were physically harmed for this ‘photo shoot’…

Egos bruised, tempers flared…?
Yeah, maybe….


~ by rkpowers on July 31, 2014.

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