Shaken AND Stirred…

Shake 7
The ‘groove’…the ‘Flow’… whatever one chooses to call it, it’s the time when one feels apart from everything but the activity that is happening now.  Painting, music, photography, running, reading, writing, horse-back riding, working in the garden…I would assume every endeavor that someone loves has its moments of flow.  It’s when you pick up the guitar and then finally put it down and hours that seemed like minutes, have passed…it’s when you sit down to get a few things done on the computer and look up to find that everyone else has gone to bed…long ago…when you pick up the paintbrush at sunset and  as the turpentine comes out to clean the oil from the brush, sunset has turned into sunrise, but you’re not tired.  No, if anything you are more energized than when you started.

Shake 6



For 5 years or so, I have been photographing auto racing for a particular client.  I didn’t come into it as a race fan, just a photographer.  During that time I have developed a certain awareness of angles to shoot and the various activities to concentrate on.  In a way, I could go to the track and get into a groove, yet, there is only so much one can do in this situation.  The cars are different, but the perspectives are generally the same and there are no obvious nuances of photographic ‘personality’ to a race car.  The drivers? Yes, but during a race you can’t see the drivers anyway, so that’s a bit hard to capture.

Shake 10

While in Indianapolis this past weekend, in the hotel room between races, I was re-reading David du Chemin’s book, “A Beautiful Anarchy”, a treatise on living ‘artfully’.  I was struck, this time, by his expression of the thought that if one is not careful, and diligent, the ‘Groove’ can easily become a ‘Rut’, and a rut is hard to steer out of without a conscious jerk of the wheel.
That’s what this post is about.  Me being a jerk…no, wait…me jerking the wheel into an experimental direction to keep things ‘fresh’.

Shake 19

I don’t really know what made me grab the camera, knowing that I had no tripod with me, which would normally have had me shrug my shoulders and wait for daylight…yet something in the view from the top floor of the hotel intrigued me.  I make no claims to the aesthetic  viability of any of these shots…feel free to hate them if they ‘offend your sensibilities’,  but,

Shake 17



Shake 8

Boy, did I have a blast!  This is so far from the style that I usually ‘groove’ with that it refreshed me and sure enough, I had to finally call it a day when the ‘flow’ of traffic died down although the ‘Flow’ was still alive.



Slow shutter speed, obvious camera shake, and I had the time of my life breaking out of the rut of my own preconceived photographic notions.


Shake 16






Shake 3

Shake 14

Shake 18

Shake 11

And finally, my favorite!

Shake 2


~ by rkpowers on August 1, 2014.

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  1. Fantastic assemblage of wonderful works!


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