Water Light




_DSC6053 tpz
The afternoon of our arrival at Panama City Beach, FL, while walking on the beach I kept noticing this fleeting burst of color just before each wave turned its curl.  The water seemed to be catching the color intensity that was prominent further away from the shore and tossing a bit of it at my feet.  A beautiful greenish blue….well, I guess technically it should be called ‘Aqua’….that would make sense …


Often when I am ‘vacating’ I purposefully shun the typical photo themes…not always, but often, and try to find something that is not necessarily on every postcard and/or magazine ad.  I decided that first afternoon that I wanted to see how well I might capture that ephemeral slice of color that each swell offered.  I took note of the time and direction of light, with that pervasive foreboding that it might never happen again….but I waited nonetheless.

Keeping in mind that sand and saltwater don’t necessarily attribute to camera conditioning, I wrapped the Nikon in a grocery sack so that only the glass of the lens was exposed to the elements.

And this is what I saw….




Every afternoon at about 4:30 groups of Manta Rays would strafe the shoreline.  What an incredibly unusual creature.  They seemed to move through the water exactly like birds through the air.  Being myself…it caused me to wonder about the many ‘realities’ and peculiarities of life on this planet. Occasionally, one would propel itself out of the water as if it were trying to fly. Did a Ray from eons ago keep trying until his line evolved into birds…or vice versa?…  What is their perception of humans who would have to be as foreign to them as they are to us?  What is it like to be able to move through the world with such apparent grace?


And sometimes one catches a glimpse of a ‘SeaMonster’…..



Speaking of Manta Rays, how about some Man Ray?

“I do not photograph nature. I photograph my visions”




I realize that these photos don’t compare to ones I have seen of the gigantic breakers in Hawaii and other places, but I was okay without the majesty.  All I wanted was to capture that little slice…




And now…. the gratuitous beach sunset shots….







~ by rkpowers on November 3, 2014.

4 Responses to “Water Light”

  1. BeaUtiful


  2. I love these shots Randy. Takes me back to Huntington Beach trips 🙂 Fond memories!


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