Bee-ing There… or, What Ever Happened to THAT Guy?!


The sub-title refers not only to the fact that I have not posted on this blog for several months, but also because I came across a book of Tennessee wildflowers that was given to me many, many years ago.  The friend who gave me the book had inscribed in the cover, “Thanks for appreciating and making me aware of the beauty and importance of even the smallest of weeds.”


So….where did that guy go?


What with trying to maintain a house, cars, children, marriage, work….
What with being frustrated by government and bad drivers, and political idiocy, and taxes and plumbing and insurance….ad nauseam…


Today I was reminded of the New Testament verse about,  “…Solomon and all his glory…” and I decided to ‘get small’.


I needed to see what the bee sees… in the magnificence that the bee sees.  These are his ‘fast food’ joints, although I’m certain some present more up-scale, elegant fare than others.



I wanted to once again be (bee?) THAT guy, the one who, if for only a moment, can escape the intensity of the self- imposed, manufactured pressures  and embrace the immensity of the minuscule… the created.

Redbud 1


_DSC0713-Edit_DSC0720-Edit 2_DSC0773-Edit







~ by rkpowers on April 5, 2015.

8 Responses to “Bee-ing There… or, What Ever Happened to THAT Guy?!”

  1. It’s wonderful to have you back and to see the world through your eyes, from your perspective both visually and philosophically. This one is inspired, and inspiring. Thank you for making my Easter!


  2. As always I love the photos and the writing!


  3. I could, and likely will, stare at those photos for hours. Your lens and your eye captured beauty that we so often don’t give the time to even glance at. Much like a lot of what we pass by in our lives. If only we could capture that beauty that exists in all of the small things. A lofty goal….


  4. I love your work, when I got my first camera, this was what I wanted to see, what my eyes couldn’t….I love all of these


    • Thanks, I appreciate the comment. I probably should have mentioned that most of these blooms are less than half an inch…small but intricate


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