No Excuses….





Sorry I’ve been gone. Lots of things have happened in the last year but typing words, sharing ideas and experiences has not been one of them.  No excuses….

In 2015 I posted a grand total of 3 blog posts here…3…wow, that’s prolific, huh?

The lead-in picture is from a trip that Vicki and I made to Alaska.  There will be many, many more pictures and descriptions…and I hope trips to come, along with my impressions, verbally and photographically. (I just need to edit images and thoughts so that my experiences don’t become a ‘vacation slide show’.


At one point, I toyed with the idea of switching this blog totally to climbing on a political soapbox but then I realized that a political forum seems to do little more than invite antagonism and polarization.  After all, the entrenched don’t often care or try to see beyond their particular trenches, or sometimes to even be aware of the shallow hole they reside in.  For all the rhetoric about ‘free thought’ and ‘free speech’, intolerance from all corners actually seems to rule the day…i.e., :”MY free speech and thoughts are good, but I don’t agree with yours so Shut Up!”….or, “I’m not intolerant! You are! and I don’t want to hear it!”

I wish that one of our many talking heads, cultural ‘heroes’ or government leaders would explain, and stand behind, the concept…the truth…that open-mindedness means that one allows…doesn’t have to agree with or follow…but allows all viewpoints for inspection and retrospection.  Not following, or falling for, as the case may be… someone else’s ideals don’t make either side an idiot.

That’s the ego struggling for validation, fighting for survival, which is most tested by alternate thinking.

So instead of a politically oriented blog, here is my one big political statement.

If you find yourself emotionally convinced that someone (especially friends and/or family) who is ‘on the other side of the aisle’ is an idiot for those views, then you have allowed yourself to identify too strongly with an ideology as opposed to aligning with their humanity.  You can always tell when the ego is in the driver’s seat. It can’t tolerate being wrong or even misperceived as it attempts to lift itself up over everyone else…the ego feels it must be on top to survive.  The primary cause of estrangement, hatred, intolerance and wars is that some egos have to prove time and again that they are right and everyone else is wrong.  End of story.

But it’s really NOT the end of the story, though it IS the end of personal, spiritual freedom.

The next time you find yourself in an argument or defending yourself verbally, on ANY subject, try to stop for a minute and listen to the ego shouting, “I’m right, You’re wrong, I must make you less than me so that I can survive!”  And then tell your ego to back off for a minute.  In most cases, being open, or even wrong,  is not fatal.

There is a cure.  It’s in each of our hands, or hearts.

~ by rkpowers on June 15, 2016.

3 Responses to “No Excuses….”

  1. Magnificent Photograph…even on a computer screen…love to see a print, Ansel.


  2. Great insightful words! Love it…..or did I just tunnel over to your trench?


  3. Thanks, guys. Steve, I think our trenches may have some connecting tunnels…watch out for potshots from Inga Ramos on the way….


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