A Freckle On the Hand of Time



First, hold your right hand up…no….the other right.

Ok, that’s Alaska.  All I have experienced of Alaska is equivalent to the thumb nail….MAYBE that much.  Alaska is TWICE the size of Texas.  I see now why one of my favorite authors, Jack London, was enamored with and mesmerized by the area.


Now, you see that little freckle on the thumb…oh…wait…that’s…

NVM…the point was going to be that the pictures on this particular post were taken over the course of 4 minutes… a freckle


Vicki and I embarked on a 7-day cruise from Seattle (our first visit there, also) and had a day at sea followed by stops in Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, and Victoria, B.C., with a day sailing through Glacier Bay thrown in.



These 4 minutes were in Glacier Bay.



And I haven’t even gotten to the glaciers yet!


Oh, you can put your hand down…


~ by rkpowers on June 20, 2016.

4 Responses to “A Freckle On the Hand of Time”

  1. As usual, great pics Randy. Phyllis & I are considering an Alaskan cruise for our 40th in August. Which cruise line were y’all on and was it awesome? What about “excursions”? I don’t always do well just sitting and may need some diversions……thanks,, Jack


    • First and foremost, Jack. Get a cabin that has a veranda…or some lines may call it a balcony…worth every penny extra that it costs over an interior room. We also did a motorized ‘raft’ in Sitka. I think it was called something like Volcano Island excursion. Highly recommended. (Will be coming in a future post) My biggest, and probably only regret was that we didn’t get to spend more time in each place…but it was amazing!!!!


    • Jack…I never heard back from you about your trip. How was it?


  2. We went on Holland America and loved it. By all means do a few excursions. We tried to do the Mendenhall glacier dogsled one, but apparently due to ‘helicopter problems’ Holland America had cut ties with that particular shore excursion group….glad we missed it…BUT, instead, in Juneau we did the 5 glacier floatplane trip and were completely blown away. More later….


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