How Juneau? or Alaskabstract




Juneau is Alaska’s capitol city…No roads in or out

You get there by boat, plane, or dogsled…makes the morning commute a bit different.

The day started with a whimper…well, if you can ever whimper in one of the most beautiful places on Earth…

Let’s say it started inauspiciously…no, let’s don’t say that either.

Vicki and I were scheduled to travel by helicopter to the Mendenhall Glacier where we would visit with the ‘mushers’ and take a dogsled ride …or not… Technical difficulties, … helicopters are very unforgiving…nuff said

Without going into the severely disappointing details, we opted for the ‘5 Glacier Seaplane’ excursion, through

Best spur of the moment decision of the trip.

If I had a pilot’s license, I would be retiring to a zip code that begins with 99…



As we boarded our DeHavilland Otter, it appeared that the clouds were rapidly settling towards sea level….hmm..can we see glaciers in this?



And then…..




I won’t try to name each of these spots but the largest is the Taku glacier, the deepest and thickest glacier in the world… (and still growing, for those of you who fear the opposite)  It is over 4,800 feet thick.  That’s what, 4 Eiffel Towers…?














I mistakenly thought the vivid blue were ‘puddles’ reflecting the sky.  (I guess if I had thought a little harder I would have realized that the sky was grey!)

Anyway, here’s the (nutshell) scientific reason… the ice in a glacier has been there so long and is so compacted by pressure that it absorbs every other color of the spectrum, except blue.




~ by rkpowers on June 21, 2016.

2 Responses to “How Juneau? or Alaskabstract”

  1. Love, love, love this! Spectacular photography and great narrative as always. So nice to see you back online!

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Thanks, Donna. I’m trying to pace myself with this Alaska stuff. I took SO many pictures and, obviously, fell totally in love with the small portion of the state that I visited.


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