You Otter Be In Pictures

_DSC1259 cropI know, I know…I’m sorry…I tried to resist but I am weak…feeble…feeble-minded, at least… This little guy was in the water at Sitka…Well…here’s where he was.




We encountered several of the Alaskan natives.   The otters of Sitka seemed to have a pretty easy time floating around on their backs, in rafts, (a group of otters) waving at the tourists.  Until recently, humans were the Alaskan sea otter’s biggest threat, but they are now protected…but not from Orcas or eagles.


_DSC1075 crop


Speaking of…also in Sitka, somewhere between the mainland and volcano island.

Bald Eagles




The ‘little guy’ on the left is apparently less than 5 years old. At 5 is when their heads turn completely white.

Sitka Eagle

In glacier Bay.



About a quarter of the way in from the bottom left you will see what looks to be a yellow tree just above the water line and above that tree are two little white dots.  That’s not dust on my lens, it’s these guys.  (Click image to enlarge…on any of these)






Alaskan mountain goats.


_DSC0419 crop


And finally, also in Glacier Bay…




Based on the water spouts and occasional fins and tails, we counted between 20 and 30 whales.



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