Uncle Bud’s Catfish ‘n Such….





I still have not finished editing the Glacier Bay picks…I keep getting caught up and transported back to Alaska every time I get involved in it and then I want nothing more than to revel in the experience, not WORK on it…


At some point in my lost blog year, I did some photos for Uncle Bud’s Catfish Shack.  Most of the stuff is on their website, Unclebuds.com.




Nashville has become somewhat of a ‘foodie’ destination, with a large number of Food Network type Chefs migrating here, but if you need (and who doesn’t now and then?) a true Southern experience, Uncle Bud’s is the place to go.



Catfish, chicken, white beans, cole slaw, home fries, hush puppies, pickles and onions, biscuits and gravy, (or biscuits and Cane Patch syrup), sweet tea in a Mason jar…?!



Did I mention hush puppies?!!!  (You may even get some gumbo, alligator tails or shrimp, if you are so inclined.)



Oh…you might as well finish off with a little, peach, apple or blueberry cobbler.  (I think you could even get ’em to plop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, if you smile…)



After shooting the stills, they asked if I would try to put together a video to promote their catering operation…sort of a food truck, but buffet style for 2000 people.



Bringin’ the all-you-can-eat fixins’

This was my first attempt at producing and editing a video.  I want to do more!!!  (Maybe someday even with a bigger crew than one…me…

This is the link to the 30 second video  and if you are so inclined there is also a 3 minute version.  The soundtrack for the 3 minute video is the instrumental version of a song called “Rollin’ On” and is performed by Radical Edward….that’s a whole ‘nother story in itself…


If you go to Uncle Bud’s  (dinner supper only except on weekends) be sure to tell them that Randy says Hey!…I can’t guarantee you that will make them treat you any better, because if they are any nicer than they usually are, they might never get you to leave…

and while you’re waiting for your catfish, crumble up a couple of hush puppies and mix in some white beans….!

or…you might just want a lemon wedge…


~ by rkpowers on July 5, 2016.

3 Responses to “Uncle Bud’s Catfish ‘n Such….”

  1. One more question…y’all go on the Amsterdam?


  2. We lived in Mt. Juliet & Portland Tn. for almost 10 years. Uncle Buds was my childrens ABSOLUTE FAVORITE place to go to eat. Now when I go to Ga to visit family (we’re now in Ohio ) I must take the “long” way home to pick up some Uncle Buds !! And they’re all adults now !! I’d just LOVE the recipe for those scruptious white beans !!!!!


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