Gwendolyn Brown

Gwendolyn Brown

Just so you’ll know that Alaska is not the only thing I’ve seen this year, these are from a Fisk Jubilee Singers concert commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Fisk University.


CeCe Winans

CeCe Winans

The Fisk Jubilee Singers have been traveling the country and performing around America, and the world, since 1871 when they cleaned the meager coffers at Fisk and went on their first fund-raising tour.  They started out performing ballads and patriotic pieces, to mixed reviews and attention, and at a particular point in that 1871 tour, according to legend, they broke into various ‘slave’ songs that most of their audiences had never heard.

Gordon Kennedy

Gordon Kennedy  (writer of “Change The World” by Eric Clapton)


Ruby Amanfu

Ruby Amamfu- ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iErNRBTPbEc     with Jack White)


Sam Moore

Sam Moore (Sam and Dave)


Jimmy Hall

Jimmy Hall

The Jubilee Singers were the first international music stars to come out of Nashville (They were first recorded in 1909)   and while touring Europe, Queen Victoria was so moved by their performance that she stated that they must be from the Music City of the United States.   Both the name and the group have stuck around!


Keb Mo

Keb Mo


It’s likely that this performance will be released to the public in the Fall of 2016.  If nothing else, Gwendolyn Brown’s version of  “Lord, How Come Me Here” is priceless!!!!  (Be prepared for goosebumps)


Oh…please pardon all the extraneous microphones, etc.  The stage was set up for sound recording as opposed to ‘sight’ recording….oh, well….


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