Post: Epoch: Eclipse

1_30_31 pm CDT

As expected, the incessant media hype leading up to the ‘Great American Solar Eclipse’ was centered around the traffic, the weather…would it or wouldn’t it?…the exorbitant hotel rates, the crowds…be sure you have gas in your car…etc.

Never did I hear any mention of the absolutely stunning, eerie, soul-grabbing, mysteriously overwhelming chord that would be strummed and planted into one’s psyche by witnessing this event.

The pictures that I am posting will be in chronological order.

As the moon was moving across the sun, I had the solar filtered camera on a tripod and would track and shoot an image every couple of minutes….sell a T-shirt or 2…shoot again…


12_17 pm CDT Sunspots

When I uploaded these to the computer, I thought that I had a dirty camera sensor that created spots on the Sun.  Then I saw an official NASA pic and realized that they were SunSpots….

12_28 pm CDT


12_52 pm CDT


12_59 pm CDT


1_13 pm CDT


1_19 pm CDT


1_27 pm CDT


When Totality hit, I was too enthralled to think about properly changing settings, removing filters, etc, so these images have a bit of motion blur…or maybe that should be ’emotion’ blur… as I sort of just took aim at the sky to possibly capture what I really mainly wanted to experience with my 5 or 6 senses.




1_30_30 pm CDT wormhole


1_30_31 pm CDT


1_30_43 pm CDT


1_30_52 pm CDT Diamond ring


1_33 pm CDT


1_36 p.m. CDT


1_51 pm CDT



And what an experience it is!  There is no way to describe the sights, the feelings and the sheer exhilaration of witnessing a total Solar eclipse.

I heard someone say that they had seen ‘partials’ and ‘totals’ and on a scale of 1 to 10, a partial was a 3 and a total was 1000….I tend to agree.


Now, some business…knew that was coming, right.  We did really well with my Hank Williams/Nashville inspired “I Saw the Light” T-shirt…lots of sales and many, many compliments, BUT…the big but…

I’ve got 100 or so shirts left over in all, not each, but all… the sizes, (Youth small up to Adult XXL) and I can only wear so many… so…as your reward for reading all the way through this, if you go to the store, order a shirt, or two, or six, and put in the coupon code… blog …the price will reduce from $25 to $10 and I will still pay the shipping.  That covers my production cost and the shipping costs and…. removes them from my inventory.


It really is a great way to remember the day, even if you or your kids never wear it, or wear it years from now….

Or just when you want to let people know that You “Saw the Light”!


New final eclipse front






~ by rkpowers on August 26, 2017.

4 Responses to “Post: Epoch: Eclipse”

  1. These shots more vividly portray the eclipse than the reality. Viewing the photographs provide the opportunity to absorb the magnificent display without have the hindrance of the glasses. Only God could provide such a “Light Show.”

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  2. At least for Free I can say “I Saw The Shirts”.

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  3. Awesome!

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  4. Thanks. I’m not a ‘space photographer but it was a totally AWESOME experience!!!

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