… in Chianti


Grapes, Olives, Hills and Villas…

On the 3rd day of our getaway to Tuscany we opted for taking the Fiat Panda through the rolling hills of the Chianti region.  Chianti is roughly situated between Florence and Siena, and is known for their wine grapes, olive oil, balsamico, and cinghiale…wild boar.

I had mapped a course that would lead us through Vinci, Panzano, and Greve in Chianti with a lunchtime stop to tour the Castello di Verrazzano, which has been in operation since the 7th century.  Their vineyards are mentioned in a manuscript from 1150.


Verrazzano 1

(I have yet to mention that for this entire trip I took only one camera and lens, a Fuji XT1 with an 18-55mm.  It was a great camera…light and easy to use… after a little manual perusing on the flight over… but I can’t tell you how many times I missed having a wider lens and especially a longer lens…along with the comfort of using a tool that has been a part of many very diverse situations.  But, not only will I remedy that on my next excursion, but also will want to spend more specific times to capture the wonderful light instead of driving and shooting sketches.  I could spend days at each of these locations, not only waiting for the perfect light, but also breathing in the air and culture.)

Okay, technicalities out of the way…there is no proven, authenticated birthplace for Leonardo in the small village of Vinci, but it becomes fairly obvious that this is where he first observed the nuances that distance creates concerning color, light and perspective and the development of his ‘sfumato’ technique…and the air was almost alarmingly refreshing!



It seemed that everywhere one turns, there is another villa, castle or cathedral nestled into the cypress and the hills…with grapes and olives planted in every valley and undulating slope.




















…maybe a  mausoleum or two…..



Castello di Verrazano is also a source of absolutely stunning balsamico …thick as syrup and sweet as honey…with a sting thrown in for balance…paired with pecorino cheese…!!!!!    When you stick your head through the window of this room, your mouth begins to water…actually, mine is now just looking at it.  And, I’ve got that little tingle in the back part of my lower jaw.




DSCF3904 crop

Balsamico, aged 10 years in oak barrels  (48 euros for about 8 ounces…237 ml)

Bruschetta made with Verrazano grown tomatoes, basil, olive oil and fresh baked bread.


…and the grapes…









These images were all taken in one half day…gimme 2 weeks and I’ll REALLY have some fun….!!!!





Olive grove…do these trees spell out something?



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  1. Beautiful pics Almost makes me want to travel over seas Okay not, just go and take good photos

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