Within the Walls


No, literally…

Not inside the walls…well, yeah, I guess we were INSIDE the walls…Anyway…

These are images from Lucca. Italy.  I won’t, on this post, go into my research into the historical facts about Lucca…this is about the modern art that has embedded itself within  and on top of the traditional marble, oil, and culinary art of Italy…or I guess I should have said UNDER…



Ostriches…or is it Ostrichi…?

So…briefly…Vicki and I made a quick stop in Lucca.  She wanted me to see it and I am again grateful for her suggestions and knowledge of what would interest, excite and inspire me.  As with every other stop, there was simply not enough time to do it justice.


Under the city




Back to the point…On our way out of the city we got turned around a bit and instead of passing through one of the gates out we found ourselves passing under…

This is what we saw there.  And there was no one else around.  We felt as if we had stumbled upon hidden treasure.

I guess we did!













More from Lucca soon.  My Italy edit has gotten slowed down because of that pesky work thing…


~ by rkpowers on November 8, 2017.

3 Responses to “Within the Walls”

  1. Your photos of Lucca are spectacular, as is the modern art within the antiquity. THANK YOU. You’ve caused me to add Lucca to our list as we plan for a visit to Italy.

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    • Thanks, Donna. I always appreciate your comments. I don’t know how much time you get to spend in Italy but if you get the chance to spend a night in San Gimignano, I HIGHLY recommend it! Staying within the city walls after all of the tour buses had gone was a magical experience.

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