A Brief Lighthouse Tour


Bear Island Light









One of my two favorite stories from this ‘outing’ was about the lighthouse keeper who lived year-round on an island with his wife and seven kids.  They would take their boat across the bay to get groceries and supplies…this family were the only inhabitants of the island.  When Zachary Taylor became President, Taylor’s cabinet convinced him that all government workers, including lighthouse keepers should become members of the Whig Party.  This fellow balked, refused and was replaced by another man.   He bought a nearby island with his severance pay of $300.  What they didn’t count on was that when he left, he left behind the wife and seven children to make life miserable for the new keeper.

Bass Harbor Light

(which was somewhat featured in the last post)





Bass Harbor Light






Egg Rock










Interesting fact about these guys…Seals have such sensitive whiskers that they can fish at night by feeling the change in water movement caused by a fish swimming…





Winter Harbor Light








And then there was the story about this little island just off Winter Harbor.  It is said that during Prohibition, the Canandian rum-runners would sail down to the other side of this island, pull up the appropriate lobster traps…each lobster ‘farmer’ has always had his buoys painted in his own specific colors…fill the traps with bottles and drop them back in to be harvested later.



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