Uncle Bud’s Catfish ‘n Such….

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I still have not finished editing the Glacier Bay picks…I keep getting caught up and transported back to Alaska every time I get involved in it and then I want nothing more than to revel in the experience, not WORK on it…


At some point in my lost blog year, I did some photos for Uncle Bud’s Catfish Shack.  Most of the stuff is on their website, Unclebuds.com.




Nashville has become somewhat of a ‘foodie’ destination, with a large number of Food Network type Chefs migrating here, but if you need (and who doesn’t now and then?) a true Southern experience, Uncle Bud’s is the place to go.



Catfish, chicken, white beans, cole slaw, home fries, hush puppies, pickles and onions, biscuits and gravy, (or biscuits and Cane Patch syrup), sweet tea in a Mason jar…?!



Did I mention hush puppies?!!!  (You may even get some gumbo, alligator tails or shrimp, if you are so inclined.)



Oh…you might as well finish off with a little, peach, apple or blueberry cobbler.  (I think you could even get ’em to plop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, if you smile…)



After shooting the stills, they asked if I would try to put together a video to promote their catering operation…sort of a food truck, but buffet style for 2000 people.



Bringin’ the all-you-can-eat fixins’

This was my first attempt at producing and editing a video.  I want to do more!!!  (Maybe someday even with a bigger crew than one…me…

This is the link to the 30 second video  and if you are so inclined there is also a 3 minute version.  The soundtrack for the 3 minute video is the instrumental version of a song called “Rollin’ On” and is performed by Radical Edward….that’s a whole ‘nother story in itself…


If you go to Uncle Bud’s  (dinner supper only except on weekends) be sure to tell them that Randy says Hey!…I can’t guarantee you that will make them treat you any better, because if they are any nicer than they usually are, they might never get you to leave…

and while you’re waiting for your catfish, crumble up a couple of hush puppies and mix in some white beans….!

or…you might just want a lemon wedge…


You Otter Be In Pictures

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_DSC1259 cropI know, I know…I’m sorry…I tried to resist but I am weak…feeble…feeble-minded, at least… This little guy was in the water at Sitka…Well…here’s where he was.




We encountered several of the Alaskan natives.   The otters of Sitka seemed to have a pretty easy time floating around on their backs, in rafts, (a group of otters) waving at the tourists.  Until recently, humans were the Alaskan sea otter’s biggest threat, but they are now protected…but not from Orcas or eagles.


_DSC1075 crop


Speaking of…also in Sitka, somewhere between the mainland and volcano island.

Bald Eagles




The ‘little guy’ on the left is apparently less than 5 years old. At 5 is when their heads turn completely white.

Sitka Eagle

In glacier Bay.



About a quarter of the way in from the bottom left you will see what looks to be a yellow tree just above the water line and above that tree are two little white dots.  That’s not dust on my lens, it’s these guys.  (Click image to enlarge…on any of these)






Alaskan mountain goats.


_DSC0419 crop


And finally, also in Glacier Bay…




Based on the water spouts and occasional fins and tails, we counted between 20 and 30 whales.



Other Little Things…

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Okay, it’s time to take a short break from Alaska…




That’s not the only thing I’ve experienced in the past year.  For instance, back on Memorial Day weekend I had the privilege to cover the 2016 Indianapolis 500.  This is the 7th 500 that I have photographed for Mike Curb, one of the car owners.



I was there in 2011 when Dan Wheldon, driving the Curb #98 won on the 100th Anniversary of the 500.  This year was the 100th   ‘running’ of the race…(there were several years skipped on account of such things as World Wars…)

The significance of this year’s race, besides being the 100th running is that we won again!



Alexander Rossi, a rookie, took the checkered flag on a brilliant fuel strategy by Bryan Herta…team owner.  After Rossi crossed the finish line, he didn’t even have enough fuel left to make a full Victory lap.








Oh, and there were at least 350,000 people in attendance.


Water Colours

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After being away from WordPress for a year, I just now figured out how to make images clickable so that they can be viewed full-screen…try it!  I am going back a couple of posts to fix them also…

On the way to Sitka 1
































How Juneau? or Alaskabstract

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Juneau is Alaska’s capitol city…No roads in or out

You get there by boat, plane, or dogsled…makes the morning commute a bit different.

The day started with a whimper…well, if you can ever whimper in one of the most beautiful places on Earth…

Let’s say it started inauspiciously…no, let’s don’t say that either.

Vicki and I were scheduled to travel by helicopter to the Mendenhall Glacier where we would visit with the ‘mushers’ and take a dogsled ride …or not… Technical difficulties, … helicopters are very unforgiving…nuff said

Without going into the severely disappointing details, we opted for the ‘5 Glacier Seaplane’ excursion, through http://www.wingsairways.com/

Best spur of the moment decision of the trip.

If I had a pilot’s license, I would be retiring to a zip code that begins with 99…



As we boarded our DeHavilland Otter, it appeared that the clouds were rapidly settling towards sea level….hmm..can we see glaciers in this?



And then…..




I won’t try to name each of these spots but the largest is the Taku glacier, the deepest and thickest glacier in the world… (and still growing, for those of you who fear the opposite)  It is over 4,800 feet thick.  That’s what, 4 Eiffel Towers…?














I mistakenly thought the vivid blue were ‘puddles’ reflecting the sky.  (I guess if I had thought a little harder I would have realized that the sky was grey!)

Anyway, here’s the (nutshell) scientific reason… the ice in a glacier has been there so long and is so compacted by pressure that it absorbs every other color of the spectrum, except blue.



A Freckle On the Hand of Time

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First, hold your right hand up…no….the other right.

Ok, that’s Alaska.  All I have experienced of Alaska is equivalent to the thumb nail….MAYBE that much.  Alaska is TWICE the size of Texas.  I see now why one of my favorite authors, Jack London, was enamored with and mesmerized by the area.


Now, you see that little freckle on the thumb…oh…wait…that’s…

NVM…the point was going to be that the pictures on this particular post were taken over the course of 4 minutes… a freckle


Vicki and I embarked on a 7-day cruise from Seattle (our first visit there, also) and had a day at sea followed by stops in Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, and Victoria, B.C., with a day sailing through Glacier Bay thrown in.



These 4 minutes were in Glacier Bay.



And I haven’t even gotten to the glaciers yet!


Oh, you can put your hand down…

No Excuses….

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Sorry I’ve been gone. Lots of things have happened in the last year but typing words, sharing ideas and experiences has not been one of them.  No excuses….

In 2015 I posted a grand total of 3 blog posts here…3…wow, that’s prolific, huh?

The lead-in picture is from a trip that Vicki and I made to Alaska.  There will be many, many more pictures and descriptions…and I hope trips to come, along with my impressions, verbally and photographically. (I just need to edit images and thoughts so that my experiences don’t become a ‘vacation slide show’.


At one point, I toyed with the idea of switching this blog totally to climbing on a political soapbox but then I realized that a political forum seems to do little more than invite antagonism and polarization.  After all, the entrenched don’t often care or try to see beyond their particular trenches, or sometimes to even be aware of the shallow hole they reside in.  For all the rhetoric about ‘free thought’ and ‘free speech’, intolerance from all corners actually seems to rule the day…i.e., :”MY free speech and thoughts are good, but I don’t agree with yours so Shut Up!”….or, “I’m not intolerant! You are! and I don’t want to hear it!”

I wish that one of our many talking heads, cultural ‘heroes’ or government leaders would explain, and stand behind, the concept…the truth…that open-mindedness means that one allows…doesn’t have to agree with or follow…but allows all viewpoints for inspection and retrospection.  Not following, or falling for, as the case may be… someone else’s ideals don’t make either side an idiot.

That’s the ego struggling for validation, fighting for survival, which is most tested by alternate thinking.

So instead of a politically oriented blog, here is my one big political statement.

If you find yourself emotionally convinced that someone (especially friends and/or family) who is ‘on the other side of the aisle’ is an idiot for those views, then you have allowed yourself to identify too strongly with an ideology as opposed to aligning with their humanity.  You can always tell when the ego is in the driver’s seat. It can’t tolerate being wrong or even misperceived as it attempts to lift itself up over everyone else…the ego feels it must be on top to survive.  The primary cause of estrangement, hatred, intolerance and wars is that some egos have to prove time and again that they are right and everyone else is wrong.  End of story.

But it’s really NOT the end of the story, though it IS the end of personal, spiritual freedom.

The next time you find yourself in an argument or defending yourself verbally, on ANY subject, try to stop for a minute and listen to the ego shouting, “I’m right, You’re wrong, I must make you less than me so that I can survive!”  And then tell your ego to back off for a minute.  In most cases, being open, or even wrong,  is not fatal.

There is a cure.  It’s in each of our hands, or hearts.